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I love this place because of the curb side service. It makes me feel important. I have been disappointed with some of the strands especially when it was expensive, but that’s trial and error for you.


They have a great selection of meds but different employees tell you different things. Their prices are almost twice the amount of everywhere else for their edibles and other meds. I no longer buy bud from them since every strain they claim is an indica is actually a hybrid. I literally ave to Google the strains in front of them just


I really liked this place till they sold me something that taste like paint or plastic


I tried this place on three different occasions and each time was a fail. This establishment has terrible weed at expensive prices and each time i was always shorted a gram. And they lie about their strains. The only thing that was decent was the edibles but again it was expensive. Save your time and money before going here you’re go


Was attempting to find a new dispensary but I'm glad the ignorant security guard helped to make up mind and keep it going. He continued to scream and yell at me while I was asking if they take medical or recreational patients and he continued to talk over me and interrupt me to inform me to get in my car. So yeah. I'm good ??

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Detroit, MI 48219

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