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Always have been helpful. Prices are usually well below market price. How ever after today I have to question what I'm getting. I bought a one gram jeeter and when I got home I noticed no values for the cannabinoids. Did I really just buy filler? What kinda high can I expect. Anyways like I said they are on point usually but the


This is my number 1 Dispensary to go to whenever I get the chance. There were a couple batches that didn't burn well, but other than those two or three batches, I've always gotten what I paid for. Everything is always fresh, weighs up right, and smokes excellent. I'd recommend anyone to shop here. I've even brought a couple new custo



We only come here because of the farm. I get such unwelcoming vibes with one lady specifically! There is never a hello or smile. We enjoy one bud tender there he’s great!


Prices when I started buying this stuff were $65 for an oz I have watched the prices just constantly go up now they are at $90 for the oz. and the Cheech and chong and the som- life brands are at 100-110 dollars for the oz. This all has happened within the last year.weed is harsh high maybe lasts 10 minutes but I guess if this is wha

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